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6. A representative of the insurance company licensed by the state who solicits, negotiates or effects contact of insurance and provides service to the policyholder for the insurer is known as…...
(A) Insurance Trader
(B) Insurance Agent
(C) Insurance Broker
(D) Stock Broker

7. Approximately half of all anaemia cases worldwide are found to be caused due to–
(A) Iron Deficiency
(B) Potassium Deficiency
(C) Calcium Deficiency
(D) Iodine Deficiency

8. The ‘International Worker’s Day’ (also known as labour day) is observed every year on the–
(A) 1st April
(B) 1st May
(C) 31st May
(D) 10th May

9. ‘Lee Kuan Yew’ who recently died at the age of 91, was the founder and first Premier of–
(A) Japan
(B) Hong Kong
(C) South Korea
(D) Singapore

10. The ‘PMJDY’ launched by the Government of India is a Massive–
(A) Tribal Welfare Programme
(B) Financial Literacy Programme
(C) Infrastructure Development Programme
(D) Financial Inclusion Programme