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6. Which of the following Amendments to the Indian Constitution has made Right to Education a Fundamental Right ?
(A) 92nd
(B) 94th
(C) 93rd
(D) 91st

7. Which of the following statements is not correct ?
(A) First Proclamation of Emergency was declared in 1962.
(B) Second Proclamation of Emergency was declared in 1971.
(C) Third Proclamation of Emergency was declared in 1975.
(D) Second and Third Proclamations of Emergency were revoked in 1978.

8. The power of Supreme Court of India to decide the dispute between the Centre and the States falls under its
(A) Advisory Jurisdiction
(B) Appellate Jurisdiction
(C) Original Jurisdiction
(D) Advisory and Appellate Jurisdiction

9. Who tried to period Indian politics in terms of the tussle between a “demand polity” and a “command polity” ?
(A) Rajni Kothari
(B) Partha Chatterjee
(C) Lloyd and Susanne Rudolph
(D) Myron Weiner

10. Who is the author of ‘Political Economy of Development in India’ ?
(A) Amartya Sen
(B) Subipta Kaviraj
(C) Pranab Bardhan
(D) Hanza Allavi