". VdoTips: Child Development and Pedagogy Question And Answer Set



Child Development and Pedagogy Question And Answer Set

6. Teaching is most effective when
(A) students take interest in the subject.
(B) teacher has deep knowledge of the subject.
(C) students are taught according to their mental level.
(D) same subject matter is repeated again and again.

7. A child applies the mathematics learned in the class in solving problem of some other subject, then it is called
(A) Positive transfer of learning
(B) Zero transfer of learning
(C) Negative transfer of learning
(D) Motivational transfer

8. Which of the following factors will have least influence on the emotional development of a child ?
(A) Family
(B) Economic condition
(C) Health
(D) Games

9. According to Kohlberg the level in which child's morality is controlled by fear of punishment is called
(A) Pre-moral stage
(B) Conventional moral level
(C) Self-accepted moral stage
(D) Morality level

10. Which one is not included in Piaget's four stages of cognitive development ?
(A) Sensory motor stage
(B) Pre-operational stage
(C) Post-operational stage
(D) Formal operational stage