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Political Science Practice set

66. Which Article of the Indian Constitution provides for Ad-hoc Judges in the Supreme Court ?
(A) 124
(B) 125
(C) 126
(D) 127

67. Which of the following decides the disputes regarding the election of the President of India ?
(A) The Rajya Sabha
(B) The Lok Sabha
(C) The Supreme Court
(D) The Chief Election Commissioner

68. Which of the following words were added to the Preamble of the Indian Constitution by the 42nd Amendment ?
(A) Republic, Sovereign
(B) Secular, Democratic
(C) Secular, Socialist
(D) Democratic, Sovereign

69. While a resolution for the removal of the Speaker of the Lok Sabha is under consideration— 1. The Speaker shall have right to speak. 2. He shall not preside. 3. He shall be entitled to vote only in the first instance. 4. He shall not be present in the House. Select your answer from the codes—
(A) 2 and 4 are correct
(B) 1, 2, 3 are correct
(C) Only 1 is correct
(D) 2 and 3 are correct

70. Eleventh Schedule of the Indian Constitution is related with—
(A) Anti-Defection Provisions
(B) Indian Languages
(C) Panchayati Raj
(D) Union List, State List and Concurrent List