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General Awareness Practice Set

56. Which one of the following Committees was appointed by the UPSC in 1974 to go into the issue of recruitment and selection methods ?
(A) Bhagwati Committee
(B) D.S. Kothari Committee
(C) A.D. Gorwala Committee
(D) Santhanam Committee

57. Who among the following explicitly states that “History bases all its conclusions on rational evidence” ?
(A) Herodotus
(B) Thucydides
(C) Polybious
(D) Tacitus

58. Which one of the following work was not authored by Leopol von Ranke ?
(A) History of Rome
(B) History of France
(C) History of the Popes
(D) German History at the time of Reformation

59. What is the concept of causation by E.H. Carr ?
(A) History cannot be understood devoid of cause-effect relationship.
(B) History depends on time and space.
(C) It is a matter of every day personal experience to inquire about the basis of an event.
(D) Causes should be undertaken in totality.

60. What does postmodernist think about the Historical causation ?
(A) It is useless to search for it.
(B) It puts limitation on the Historian.
(C) Interpretation is necessary rather than the cause-effect relation.
(D) There are different opinions.