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general knowledge practice set

41. The reserves held by Commercial Banks over and above the statutory minimum, with the RBI are called
(A) Cash reserves
(B) Deposit reserves
(C) Excess reserves
(D) Momentary reserves

42. Who is authorised to issue coins in India?
(A) Reserve Bank of India
(B) Ministry of Finance
(C) State Bank of India
(D) Indian Overseas Bank

43. Which four countries are called the Asian Tigers?
(A) Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan
(B) Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Taiwan
(C) Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, China
(D) Hong Kong, South Korea, China, Taiwan

44. In the Budget Estimates for 2011-12, an allocation of Rs. 300 crore has been made for promoting output of pulses in 60,000 villages in rainfed areas with a view to attaining self sufficiency in pulses in a period of
(A) two years
(B) three years
(C) four years
(D) five years

45. in the budget for 2011-12 presented by the Finance Minister on 28-2-2011, the growth rate for the year 2010-11 was projected at
(A) 7.6%
(B) 8.0%
(C) 8.6%
(D) 9.0%