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General Awareness Practice Set

26. Which styles of the Sultanate painting paved the way in the foundation of the Mughal style of painting ?
(A) Chaurapanchasika, Laur Chanda and Indo-Persian
(B) Pala, Kashmiri and Laur Chanda
(C) Chaurpanchasika, Kashmiri and Indo-Persian
(D) Indo-Persian, Pala and Kashmiri

27. Consider the following statements and point out the incorrect one :
(A) Babur’s Memoirs provide a flood of light on contemporary affairs.
(B) It exhibits Babur’s interest in nature.
(C) It provides no information about Farghana, Samarqand and Kabul where he spent time.
(D) He throws light on his contemporaries, their good and bad points, including himself.

28. Tulsidas was the author of which book ?
(A) Kavitawali
(B) Ramacharitamanas
(C) Gitawali
(D) All of the above

29. Who among the following is considered as the founder of ‘Varkari’ sect?
(A) Eknath
(B) Tukaram
(C) Namdeva
(D) Jnanesvara

30. Consider the following statements in the context of organization of Mughal ruling class during the 17th century and select the answer from the options given below :
(A) An aspect of the composite ruling class was the steady promotion of a small number of members belonging to the administrative services.
(B) These members were generally drawn from Khatri and Kayastha castes.
(C) A few Brahmins could also be found amongst this ruling class.
(D) All of the above.