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21. Inclusive Growth requires adoption of appropriate policies which cater to
(A) Reducing corruption
(B) Disintegration of disadvantaged section from others.
(C) Holistic wellbeing of marginalized section of the society.
(D) Punishing ineffective government agencies.

22. Food Security under inclusive growth refers to :
(A) Import of food
(B) TrANSfer of agricultural land to poor.
(C) Mid-day meal for school children.
(D) Provision of subsidized food grains for poor.

23. Intended benefits of inclusive growth will lead to :
(A) Personality development
(B) Social disharmony
(C) Socio-economic growth of the disadvantaged people.
(D) Malnutrition.

24. One of the objectives of inclusive growth is to ensure
(A) To reduce insurgency and terrorism
(B) Protective discrimination in favour of weaker section in employment sector
(C) To resolve industrial disputes
(D) To check migration.

25. Which of the following pairs is not correct ?
(A) U.S.A. Double citizenship
(B) India Procedure established by law
(C) Australia Unitary form of Government
(D) Switzerland Plural Executive