". VdoTips: Child Development and Pedagogy Question And Answer Set



Child Development and Pedagogy Question And Answer Set

21. According to Piaget, during the first stage of development (from birth to 2 years of age) a child learns best
(A) By using senses
(B) By thinking in an abstract way
(C) By comprehending new words
(D) By concrete thinking

22. In which of the following area NCERT is using psychology ?
(A) Preparation of textbooks
(B) School organization
(C) Subject determination
(D) Financial support

23. Which of the following factors has least effect on learning ?
(A) Fatigue
(B) Age
(C) Illness
(D) Gender difference

24. Which of the following is not a defect of questionnaire method ?
(A) Forming good questions is a difficult job.
(B) Views of many persons are obtained by this method.
(C) The questions included may not be well planned.
(D) Persons may not be interested to answer the questions.

25. In lower classes, play-way method of teaching is based on
(A) Physical education programme
(B) Theories of methods of teaching
(C) Psychological principles of development and growth
(D) Sociological principles of teaching