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1. In which of the following forms of Government is the second chamber as indispensable part of legislature ?
(A) Presidential
(B) Parliamentary
(C) Unitary
(D) Federal

2. Which one of the following books has a chapter on ‘Politics in India’ ?
(A) The Civic Culture Revisited
(B) Politics and Government
(C) Political Development and Social Change
(D) Comparative Politics Today

3. The Constituent Assembly was setup under the
(A) Cripp Mission
(B) Cabinet Mission Plan
(C) Wavell Plan
(D) Nehru Report

4. Who said the following ? ‘India’s Constitution was born more in fear and trepidation than in hope and inspiration’
(A) Paul Brass
(B) Myron Weiner
(C) K.C. Wheare
(D) Jennings

5. Which of the following Articles of the Constitution shields legislation from being declared unconstitutional and void ?
(A) Art. 15 B
(B) Art. 51 A
(C) Art. 31 B
(D) Art. 29 A