". VdoTips: General Awareness Practice Set



General Awareness Practice Set

1. Which is not the concept of Time amongst the postmodernists ?
(A) It should not be studied in the interpretation of History.
(B) It puts forth the theory that the interpretation of events be emphasized.
(C) Time deals with past.
(D) The factor of Time has not been thought of by the intellectuals.

62. Who amongst the following wrote that the cause-effect relationship is an obstacle for History ?
(A) Richard Eav

(B) Ankersmit
(C) E.H. Carr
(D) Theodore Zeldin

63. Which one of the following said that the narrative History writing considering the Time is like constructing a building on a weak foundation ?
(A) Ankersmit
(B) Theodore Zeldin
(C) Richard Evans
(D) E.H. Carr