". VdoTips: Child Development and Pedagogy Question And Answer Set



Child Development and Pedagogy Question And Answer Set

1. Training before normal maturation is generally
(A) highly beneficial with respect to performance of the common skills.
(B) beneficial from the point of view of long term.
(C) harmful from all points of view.
(D) beneficial or harmful depending on the method used in training.

2. The childhood stage is
(A) From birth to the age of 3 years
(B) From third year to the age of 6 years
(C) From six year to the age of 12 years
(D) From two year to the age of 10 or 12 years

3. Why should students play games in school ?
(A) It will make them physically strong.
(B) It will make teacher's work easy.
(C) It will be helpful in passing time.
(D) It will develop cooperation and physical balance.

4. Which of the following statements is not correct with reference to learning ?
(A) It requires favourable environment.
(B) It has no relation with maturity.
(C) Teaching aids help in learning.
(D) Motivation plays important role in learning process.

5. Education is helpful to children in their
(A) Physical development
(B) Mental development only
(C) All-round development
(D) Character development only