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16. Which of the following expression is not true in case of fluid catalytic cracking?
(A) Combustion factor=(regenerator dense phase temp-riser out let temper)/coke yield
(B) Combustion factor= (regenerator dense phase temp-riser out let temper)/delta coke
(C) Combustion factor= (riser out let temper -regenerator dense phase temp)/delta coke
(D) Combustion factor=(riser out let temper -regenerator dense phase temp)/coke yield

17. Match the following List I List II a. Molex process e. Oxygenates b. Ehermax Process f. n-parffins c. Claus process g. H2S removal d. Merox h. Sulphur recovery

18. Aviation Fuel Contains?
(A) Light Naphtha
(B) Medium Naphtha
(C) Kerosene
(D) Diesel

19. Which of the following is for the manufacture of linear alkyl benzene?
(A) Kerosene
(B) Naphtha
(C) Gas Oil
(D) Diesel

20. Pyrolysis gasoline is obtained from?
(A) Catalytic cracking
(B) Gasification
(C) Steam cracking
(D) Thermal cracking