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environmental studies mcq for tet

16. Which of the following device(s) is used to control particulate pollutants?
(A) Gravity settling chamber
(B) Cyclone collector
(C) Fabric filter
(D) All of the above

17. Noise pollution (Regulation & Control) Rules 2001 deals with?
(A) Noise pollution due to fire crackers
(B) Noise pollution due to loudspeakers
(C) Noise pollution due to public address system
(D) Both (B) & (C)

18. Which book has been prepared by International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN) concerning endangered species of plants and animals?
(A) White Data Book
(B) Red Data Book
(C) Blue Data Book
(D) None of these

19. The BISHNOI Sect was founded by
(A) B. R. Ambedkar
(B) Bhajan Lal
(C) Guru Jambheshwar
(D) King of Jodhpur

20. High concentration of which of the following causes leaf curling, leaf drop and reduced leaf size in plants?
(A) SO2
(B) CO
(C) NO2
(D) None of these