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environmental studies mcq for tet

11. White lung cancer is caused by?
(A) Asbestos
(B) Paper
(C) Textiles
(D) Silica

12. Which of the following has greatest affinity for hemoglobin?
(A) CO
(B) NO
(C) O2
(D) CO2

13. The first nuclear disaster occurred in the history of world on
(A) 16th August, 1945
(B) 26th August, 1945
(C) 06th August, 1945
(D) 08th August, 1945

14. When did Supreme Court of India ordered Ministry of Environment & Forests to establish a special division to develop a green belt around Taj Mahal?
(A) 2004
(B) 1994
(C) 1984
(D) None of these

15. Silent Valley, which has been raised to the status of National park, is situated in?
(A) J&K
(B) Tamilnadu
(C) West Bengal
(D) Kerala