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116. Regarding the functions of the state, who among the following has used the phrase, “to hinder the hindrances” ?
(A) Mill
(B) Green
(C) Hobbes
(D) Hegel

117. Which theory holds that, “the right of the personality is the most important right of the man” ?
(A) The Theory of Natural Rights
(B) The Legal Theory of Rights
(C) The Historical Theory of Rights
(D) The Idealistic Theory of Rights

118. Hobbes gives individual the right to disobey the sovereign for—
(A) Self preservation
(B) Protection of Freedom
(C) Removing oppression
(D) Removing injustice

119. The credit for advocating the legal theory of right goes to—
(A) Austin
(B) Locke
(C) Barker
(D) Laski

120. Who has remarked that, “All restraint qua restraints is an evil … leaving people to themselves is always better than controlling them” ?
(A) Green
(B) Mill
(C) Barker
(D) Popper