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106. Who among the following thinkers made the statement that, “Covenant without sword are but words and of no strength to secure men at all.” ?
(A) Pufendorf
(B) Hobbes
(C) Locke
(D) Rousseau

107. Which theory advocates only ‘night watchman role’ of the State ?
(A) Welfare State Theory
(B) Liberal Theory
(C) Socialist Theory
(D) Idealist Theory

108. Who has said that a welfare state is “a state that provides for its citizens a wide range of social services” ?
(A) G.D.H. Cole
(B) H. J. Laski
(C) Abraham
(D) T. W. Kent

109. Who among the following has maintained that the modern liberal democratic state has become an industrial state ?
(A) Galbraith
(B) MacPherson
(C) Keynes
(D) Roosevelt

110. Which one of the following ideologies aims at the spiritualisation of Politics ?
(A) Marxism
(B) Socialism
(C) Sarvodaya
(D) Pluralism