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Q.56 A set of techniques that allow to execute a program which is not entirely in memory is called
(A). demand paging
(B). virtual memory
(C). auxiliary memory
(D). secondary memory

Q. 57 SSTF stands for
(A). Shortest-Seek-time-first scheduling
(B). small – small-time-first
(C). simple-seek-time-first
(D). small-simple-time-first scheduling

Q.58 Before proceeding with its execution, each process must acquire all the resources it needs is called
(A). hold and wait
(B). No pre-emption
(C). circular wait
(D). starvation

Q.59 Virtual memory is
(A). simple to implement
(B). used in all major commercial operating systems
(C). less efficient in utilization of memory
(D). useful when fast I/O devices are not available

Q.60 Relocation bits used by relocating loader are specified by (A) Relocating loader itself
(B). Assembler or Translator (C) Macro processor
(D). Both
(A). and