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Q.66 The memory allocation scheme subject to “external” fragmentation is (A) segmentation
(B). swapping (C) pure demand paging
(D). multiple fixed contiguous partitions

Q.67 Page fault frequency in an operating system is reduced when the (A) processes tend to the I/O-bound (B) size of pages is reduced (C) processes tend to be CPU-bound (D) locality of reference is applicable to the process

Q.68 In which of the following page replacement policies Balady’s anomaly occurs? (A) FIFO
(B). LRU (C) LFU
(D). NRU

Q.69 Which of the following are language processors?
(A). Assembler
(B). Compiler
(C). Interpreter
(D). All of the above

Q.70 Virtual memory can be implemented with
(A). Segmentation
(B). Paging
(C). None
(D). all of the above