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Q.61 Resolution of externally defined symbols is performed by (A) Linker
(B). Loader (C) Compiler
(D). Editor

Q.62 Relocatable programs (A) cannot be used with fixed partitions (B) can be loaded almost anywhere in memory (C) do not need a linker (D) can be loaded only at one specific location

Q.63 Page stealing (A) is a sign of efficient system (B) is taking page frames other working sets (C) should be the tuning goal (D) is taking larger disk spaces for pages paged out

(B). Q.64 The total time to prepare a disk drive mechanism for a block of data to be read from is its (A) latency (B) latency plus transmission time (C) latency plus seek time (D) latency plus seek time plus transmission time

Q.65 To avoid race condition, the maximum number of processes that may be simultaneously inside the critical section is
(A). zero
(B). one (C) two
(D). more than two