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Q.1 In the relational modes, cardinality is termed as:
(A). Number of tuples.
(B). Number of attributes.
(C). Number of tables.
(D). Number of constraints.

Q.2 Relational calculus is a
(A). Procedural language.
(B). Non- Procedural language.
(C). Data definition language.
(D). High level language.

Q.3 The view of total database content is
(A). Conceptual view.
(B). Internal view.
(C). External view.
(D). Physical View.

Q.4 Cartesian product in relational algebra is
(A). a Unary operator.
(B). a Binary operator.
(C). a Ternary operator.
(D). not defined.

Cartesian product in relational algebra is a binary operator. (It requires two operands. e.g., P X Q) Q.5 DML is provided for
(A). Description of logical structure of database.
(B). Addition of new structures in the database system.
(C). Manipulation & processing of database.
(D). Definition of physical structure of database system.