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Q.71 Recognition of basic syntactic constructs through reductions, this task is performed by
(A). Lexical analysis
(B). Syntax analysis
(C). Semantic analysis
(D). Structure analysis

Q.72 A grammar for a programming language is a formal description of
(A). Syntax
(B). Semantics
(C). Structure
(D). Code

Q.73 ____________ is a technique of temporarily removing inactive programs from the memory of computer system
(A). Swapping
(B). Spooling
(C). Semaphore
(D). Scheduler

Q.74 ___________ is a technique of improving the priority of process waiting in Queue for CPU allocation
(A). Starvation
(B). Ageing
(C). Revocation
(D). Relocation

Q.75 ________ is the time required by a sector to reach below read/write head.
(A). Seek Time
(B). Latency Time
(C). Access time
(D). None