". VdoTips: System Software Practice set



System Software Practice set

31) Ir stands for
(A)left to right
(B)left to right reduction
(C)right to left
(D)left to right and right most derivations in reverse

32) An ideal compiler should
(A)be small in size
(B)produce object code that is smaller in size and execute faster
(C)takes less time for compiling
(D)all of these

33) which of the following is used for grouping of characters into tockens
(B)code optimizer
(C)code generator

34) which of the following class of statements usually produces no executable code when compiled
(A)Declaration statements
(B)Assignment statements
(C)Input and output statements
(D)structural statements

35) Access time of the symbol table will be logarithmic,if it is implemented by
(A)linear list
(B)search tree
(C)hash table
(D)self-organizing list