". VdoTips: Child Development and Pedagogy Question And Answer Set



Child Development and Pedagogy Question And Answer Set

1. Most important work of teacher is—
(A) To organize teaching work
(B) To deliver lecture in class
(C) To take care of children
(D) To evaluate the students

2. A teacher should be—
(A) Honest
(B) Diligent
(C) Dutiful
(D) Punctual

3. Navodaya Schools have been established to—
(A) Increase number of school in rural areas
(B) Provide good education in rural areas
(C) Complete ‘Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan’
(D) Check wastage of education in rural areas

4. Environmental education should be taught in schools because—
(A) It will affect environmental pollution
(B) It is important part of life
(C) It will provide job to teachers
(D) We cannot escape from environment

5. At primary level, it is better to teach in mother language because—
(A) It develops self-confidence in children
(B) It makes learning easy Download
(C) It is helpful in intellectual development
(D) It helps children in learning in natural atmosphere