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121. One should refrain from mentioning one's personal situation or private details to draw ___________.
(A). attention.
(B). sympathy.
(C). creativity
(D). information.

122. Before the interview candidates are suggested to be aware of their _____________.
(A). strength and weakness.
(B). emotion .
(C). weakness.
(D). strength.

123. The sense and desire for achievement or accomplishment come from one's self-esteem and urge for ____________.
(A). self-actualization.
(B). self-education.
(C). self-motivation.
(D). self-development.

124. One needs to clearly think about the _____________ that will satisfy him or her.
(A). tusk.
(B). task.
(C). desk.
(D). test.

125. Which is the ability to think unconventionally and laterally in order to find a new approach or solution to a problem?
(A). Advice.
(B). Motivation.
(C). Sharing.
(D). Creativity.