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vb.net practice set

106. When instantiating a StreamWriter object, the name of the file on the disk _______________.
(A).must be in upper-case characters
(B).appears immediately after the word As
(C).must be enclosed in quotes
(D).all of the above

107. How do user terminate code execute with in a VB.NET method?
(C).Close Sub
(D).Exit Sub

108. How does user add web methods in VB.NET?
(A).Add keyword to Method signature
(B).Add [WebMethod] on top of the Method Signature
(C).Add {WebMethod} on top of the Method Signature
(D).Add (WebMethod) on top of the Method Signature

109. Can a ToolBar displays text instead of pictures in the buttons?
(A).No, a toolbar can only display images
(B).No, a toolbar can only display text
(C).Yes, a toolbar can display text, images, or both
(D).Yes, a toolbar can display pictures

110. Which of the following are true of ADO.NET?
(A).it uses a connected and Disconnected provider model
(B).it uses only a Disconnected provider Model
(C).it includes a dataAdapter class, which provides a high-performance mechanism for retrieving data
(D).system.data.common provides classes that are database diagnostic