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vb.net practice set

101. The StreamReader and StreamWriter class are both the subclasses of __________.

102. Which object must be assigned to the Document property?

103. When is the PrintPage event activated?
(A).When the PrintDialog control is displayed
(B).When an assignment is made to the Document property
(C).The first time the Print method is called
(D).Every time a page is printed after the Print method is called

104. Which of the following is the correct way of declaring an array?
(A).Dim employee(20) As String
(B).Dim employee() As String
(C).Dim employee(2) As String = {A,B}
(D).Dim employee(2) As Str = {A,B}

105. A club keeps all of the information about its members in a file in their computer. Names, addresses, and phone numbers, are individual ____ in the data file.