". VdoTips

. Credit cards are used for -
(A)Cash withdrawals
(B)Purchase of air tickets
(C)Purchase of consumable items from retail outlets
(D)All of these

Q.37. TheTarget Group for Agricultural Loans is __
(A)any farmer
(B)farm labourers
(C)any individual dealing in agricultural or related activity

Q.38. The Target Group for Credit Cards is ----
(A)existing cardholders
(B)all graduates
(C)all minors
(D)individuals with taxable income

Q.39. Market Segmentation means __
(A)segmenting the salesmen
(B)segmenting the employees
(C)segmenting the customers as per their Heeds
(D)segmenting the products

Q. 40. A 'Target Group' means---
(A)a group of sellers
(B)a group of buyers
(C)a group of products
(D)all of these