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idiom/phrase PRACTICE SET

1. We know that he is the one responsible for the discord but as he is well-connected all we can do is send him to Coventry. (A) transfer him (B) commend him (C) boycott him (D) dismiss him

2. A Prime Minister cannot ride rough shod over his ministerial colleagues for long. (A) deal unkindly with (B) take for granted (C) be hamhanded with (D) exploit wilfully

3. The say, join the Army to drink life to the lees. (A) to have the best of fun and fortune (B) to enjoy a life of drinking and dancing (C) to have a life full of adventures (D) to have the best of life

4. He was down in the mouth as he was defeated in the elections. (A) unable to speak (B) very depressed (C) very angry (D) very confused

5. The noble man gave up the ghost. (A) left the ghost (B) lived like a ghost (C) invited ghost (D) died