". VdoTips: UGC NET Sociology Practice Set 13



UGC NET Sociology Practice Set 13

61. Who has observed a link between the structures of the mind and the structures of society?
(A) Lemert
(B) Radcliffe-Brown
(C) Levi-Strauss
(D) Foucault

62. Among the post structuralists who has focussed on the ‘linkage between knowledge and power’?
(A) Lemert
(B) Miller
(C) Levi-Strauss
(D) Foucault www.netugc.com

63. Who is said to have deconstructed language and social institutions?
(A) Derrida
(B) Godelier
(C) Foucault
(D) Smith

64. Who has envisioned an alternative stage (an alternative society) in which “speech will cease to govern the stage”?
(A) Foucault
(B) Derrida
(C) Lemert
(D) None of the above

65. According to post modernists which ideas of modernity are considered gone by or dead?
(A) Reason, rationality and progress.
(B) Rationality, progress and objectivity.
(C) Legality, rationality and objectivity.
(D) Objectivity, rationality, reason.