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221. Which of the following processes assumes that no special esoteric supernatural forces operate within the world, and that life can be lived in accordance with human rationality?
(A) Secularization
(B) Modernization
(C) Westernization
(D) Desacralization

222. Who, among the following, are associated with Indianisation of Sociology?
(A) G.S. Ghurye, A.K. Saran, D.P. Mukherjee
(B) G.S. Ghurye, T.K. Oommen, A.K. Saran
(C) G.S. Ghurye, A.R. Desai, D.P. Mukerjee
(D) G.S. Ghurye, T.K. Oommen, A.R. Desai

223. Who has argued that ‘an empirical sociology of Indian society is not possible’?
(A) G.S. Ghurye
(B) M.N. Srinivas
(C) A.K. Saran
(D) S.C. Dube

224. Who among the early sociologists of India introduced a down-to-earth empiricism in Indian Sociology and Social Anthropology?
(A) G.S. Ghurye
(B) R.K. Mukherjee
(C) A.K. Saran
(D) None of the above

225. Privatization of Education is a consequence of which one of the following?
(A) Urbanization
(B) Globalization
(C) Development of Science and Technology
(D) Increase in Population