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Networking Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

66. Which layer of OSI model is responsible for creating and recognizing frame boundaries?
(A)Physical layer.
(B)Data link layer.
(C)Transport layer.
(D)Network layer.

67. If digital data rate of 9600 bps is encoded using 8 - level phase shift keying (PSK) method, the modulation rate is ______
(A)1200 bands.
(B)3200 bands.
(C)4800 bands.
(D)9600 bands.

68. Four bits are used for packet sequence numbering in a sliding window protocol. What is the maximum window size?

69. A 6 MHZ channel is used by a digital signaling system utilizing 4-level signals. What is the maximum possible transmission rate?
(A)1.5 Mband/sec.
(B)6 Mband/sec.
(C)12 Mband/sec.
(D)24 Mband/sec.

70. The ________ model shows how the network functions of a computer ought to be organized.