". VdoTips: Child Development and Pedagogy Question And Answer Set 35



Child Development and Pedagogy Question And Answer Set 35

1.Of the following, the main purpose of state certification of teachers is to
(a) Monitor the quality of teacher training institutions
(b) Provide for a uniform standard of entry-level teacher competency throughout the state
(c) Exclude from the profession those not trained in pedagogy
(d) Exclude from the profession those who are mentally unhealthy

2.The key difference between evolutionary and cultural change is that evolutionary change alters __________ whereas cultural change alters ____________.
(a) Reproduction; environment
(b) Heredity; environment
(c) Environment; behavior
(d) Development; learning

3.In which of the following stages do children become active members of their peer group?
(1) Adolescence
(2) Adulthood
(3) Early childhood
(4) Childhood

4.Which of the following statements cannot be considered as a feature of the process of learning?
(1) Educational institutions are the only place where learning takes place
(2) Learning is a comprehensive process
(3) Learning is goal-oriented

(4) Unlearning is also a learning process

5.Which of the following should be considered the most important quality of a teacher at primary level ?
(1) Eagerness to teach
(2) Patience and perseverance
(3) Competence in methods of teaching and knowledge of subjects
(4) Competence to teach in highly standardised language