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Database Management system MCQ

The separation of the data definition from the program is known as:
A) data dictionary
B) data independence
C) data integrity
D) referential integrity

Which of the following items is not the advantage of a DBMS?
A) Improved ability to enforce standards
B) Improved data consistency
C) Local control over the data
D) Minimal data redundancy

The ability to define common properties or functions in the higher class and then modify them in the lower classes is called:
A) Inheritance
B) Polymorphism
C) Reflexive
D) Transformance

Two different terms are used to describe the characteristics of interest for an entity. They are attributes and:
A) classes
B) entities
C) properties
D) traits

. When building a database, the data dealing with an entity is modeled as a:
A) attribute
B) class
C) object
D) table

.In relational database model, after conceptually designing your database, the information contained in a single class would be stored in a:
A) database
B) field
C) property
D) table

.Database system modelers use this type of diagram to graphically represent both the data structure and how the different objects are interrelated.
A) Class Diagram
B) Data Diagram
C) Object Diagram
D) Table Relationship Diagram